Artificial Lawns

Pet and family friendly, maintenance free and looking like natural grass, an artificial lawn can transform your outdoor space or even a balcony.

Why choose our artificial grass?

Our artificial lawns are supplied from some of the top suppliers in the UK. Artificial or ‘fake’ grass can look and feel fake but with our lawns you can tell the difference in quality, from texture to colour, don’t shop anywhere else until you’ve made contact with The Torbay Composite Company LTD.

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What Are the Benefits of Artificial Lawns?

Even with my own back garden i have chosen an Artificial Lawn for many reasons, one being the fact that i have a dog. My dog likes to dig and bring mud into the house, but with our artificial lawn this now a thing of the past.

Other benefits of an artificial lawn include:

  • Quick drying time – because our lawns are permeable, this allows water to drain down through the lawn quickly, ensuring a drier surface much quicker than a traditional lawn.
  • NO LAWN MOWER! – gone are the days of dragging a lawn mower around the garden with extensions leads.
  • Style – all year round your lawn will look green and full of life.

No Mud

Keep everything clean, no dirty footprints tracked through your house.

No Mowing

You don’t need to spend hours out in the hot sun mowing the lawn.

No Watering

Conserve water, and save time and maintenance.

Suitable For Pets

Even the most energetic dogs will have a hard time messing up your lawn now.

Safe For Children

Kids can run wild all summer long in the garden without a worry.

Long Lasting

Durable and realistic looking materials that last for years.

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We Have Completed Projects for Happy Customers in Devon and throughout the South West.

We are one of the top suppliers and installers of high-quality artificial grasses in the Torbay and the South West. We deliver high quality and reasonably priced products and installations to our clients, helping them achieve stunning outdoor areas which not long ago, they could only dream of.

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